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Investment Results

Our investment success has annually ranked us in the top twenty percentile relative to our peers, which positions us substantially above the industry benchmark indexes.

Executive Investment Advisors While a sensible strategy would not apply this standard to every year, there is value in generating more limited short term results, with long term growth, at less risk to the client.

Although past performance is not a guarantee of future results, our conservative investment strategy has consistently produced above average total returns for our clients.

Our Typical Client

Our ideal client starts with an investment in excess of $1 million in liquid assets, but is anxious to develop a substantial retirement program starting from any age.

He or she possesses risk tolerance to withstand the inevitable volatility of stock and bond markets, and has the patience to accept a five to ten year investment horizon.

Such a client has enough business, professional, or personal background to be interested in investments, but does not possess the time or temperament to manage a portfolio.

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