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Investment Philosophy

Diversification as far as we are concerned isn't everything, it is the only thing! We custom diversify every portfolio among numerous equity sectors, and different bond types, often using no-load mutual funds.

Executive Investment Advisors We stop short of replicating the S&P 500 by focusing on the choice of shares of companies that have the best opportunities to generate earnings in excess of the cost of capital.

The nature and extent of diversification is driven by the client's specific investment goals, and due to our client focused orientation, can be very flexible.

For example, we recently built a Socially Responsible investment strategy structured around a client's interest in specific issues. Importantly, regardless of the individual emphasis, we remain profit driven for the client.

Values in Action

We value relationships with clients who we believe we can assist in creating significant wealth through long-term investment discipline.

It has been said that the key to successfully choosing investments is to "analyze…analyze…analyze, and then decide" and we have added to that process the vital step of listening carefully to our clients.

Our motto has become "Listen to the client - Communicate with the client - Educate the client" for the best long-term financial results.

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